mic-J App!

“mic-J app!” provides you with free resources to learn basic Japanese, which almost cover the range of N4 and N5 levels of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

The contents of “mic-J app!” are based on the following two comprehensive textbooks published by Tokyo Metropolitan University:

Elementary Japanese: mic-J N4

Elementary Japanese: mic-J N5

The only two steps to use “mic-J app!” are:

1) to download and install the platform app “Finger Board for Students,” developed by Semiosis, to your iOS/iPadOS or Android devices; and,

Get it on Google Play

2) to download the contents files from the mic-J N4 and mic-J N5 pages, and open them in your “Finger Board for Students.”

For more learning materials, please visit the AV resources site “mic-J” at Tokyo Metropolitan University.